Thursday, August 24, 2006

More Money, More Time, More Energy, More Life

I'm about to tell you the simplest and most effective solution to getting more of everything you want.

I know everything you are thinking. I thought that way as well...and to be honest, I battle with all those little voices you are hearing on a regular basis. And if you have read my "personal secret" post in my other blog Ethical Income Opportunities you will know that I have had a lot of things shaved off of my life. And that getting more is quite hard for me.

However; I have found someone who has developed a program that is one of the best I have ever come across. And it is free. No, really! It is actually free. Forget all this " buy now and try it out for 6 weeks" kind of stuff. He gives you a life changing program that others would sell for thousands of dollars, for free.

I can see you are like me and wondering what the catch is. Well, there are two catches. The first one is that he is counting on the fact that you will be so amazed by the results in your life, that you will want to purchase a couple other programs. And the second catch is that his name is Mark Joyner . He doesn't really need the money. He has retired a few times already, simply by following his own advice. This is one of those personal mission products. ( I'm going to give you a bit of a warning later on so please read to the end)

Mark took his military training and his successful business practices and developed a course called "Simpleology: the simple science of getting what you want "

What I like about this course is that it is PRACTICAL!

This is NOT a course that just gives you pages and pages of recycled garbage.

This is a course that:

  • chops every lesson into easy chunks that can easily be fit into your day.
  • video lessons as well as pdf lessons
  • worksheets to make following the lessons easy and convenient
  • daily and weekly inspirational reminders
  • an ebook and convenient separate files for extra worksheets
  • a place to meet with other students online

So what do you want out of life?
Is it worth 15 minutes a day to make it happen?
Think hard about this.

Believe it or not, most people would rather be miserable than devote 15 minutes a day to change......and I think you know why.....change is scary. Another man I respect, Ken Roberts, has said that the key to success is to act in spite of your fear. Mark's System works, but only if you apply it.

Well, the decisions is yours. Everybody has their own timing. Just remember this post ( add it to your RSS feed) for when you feel the time is right for you. And if you are curious about this life changing free course, just click on this link to Mark's Introduction.

Thanks for reading this....hope it helps,


P.S. Here is the warning. Mark Joyner has been so successful, that a lot of people like to use his name to sell their own products ( many of which are pure air). It is a bit like someone attending a thousand seat luncheon with Bill Gates as the speaker, and then claiming that they " had lunch with Bill last week".
Simpleology is a fantastic free course. It will give you the skills and life habits to make your dreams come true. I can vouch for it. And yes the advanced courses will catapult you into the life you desire; but by the time you finish the first course, you will already know that.

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