Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Car Squeaks & Whistles Fixed

OK, I know I have ears like a Bat. And no I don't mean big Prince Charles versions. I can hear every little high pitched noise around. I am getting ready for a road trip and realized that I had better fix a few things on the car before I go.

I've been noticing some little squeeks and an increase in road noise lately. With gas prices so high I have avoided doing anything about the noise by simply not driving as much. But I know that after an hour of steady driving there will be some heated discussions going on.

I'll be muttering away and Mary will be saying helpful things like,"Well why didn't you fix that before we left?". I think you can complete the picture. After six hours of this we will be more than ready for the free cocktails at the hotel.

Solution: Silicone Spray

This was recommended by the Service Technician at my dealership and confirmed by the salesman at the auto supply store. I bought a can of spray for $5 and did the job right there in the parking lot in about 5 minutes.

First I used the nozzle extension to spray along all the window channels in the rubber sealing in the doors. Then I used a cloth and wiped all the remaining rubber sealing around the doors, trunk and sun roof. It was such a fast and easy job.

The ride home was amazing. It was like I was driving a NEW CAR again. I couldn't believe how much noise I had been putting up with.

$5 and 5 Minutes

I hope this helps you get that new car feel back.


P.S. Thanks for putting up with this post. I'm still getting used to all the tools on this site.

Oh yes, and stay tuned for my next with steel wool!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Find Simple Cheap Easy ways to Fix Your Life and Everything in it

This is a first post to get this blog going. I have to thank Scott for a great motivating session that gave me a sleepless night and focused my passions into action. Who is Scott? Well all will be revealed soon.......I have to head off to a seminar. But don't worry, I am packed with info that is ready to hit the internet.