Saturday, September 01, 2007

Best Vitamins at the Best Prices with the Best Service

OK a bit of a confession here. I have been my vitamin supplier. But the good news is that just found out I've been buying from their sister company! Real soap opera stuff eh?

As you know, I have been recommending Puritan's Pride because of their great quality vitamins, as well as the unique specialty formulations that set them apart from all the other vitamin suppliers. They make a point of delivering the highest quality at the lowest price. And they also test all the vitamin and herbal ingredients to make sure that you get what is on the label. I love just browsing through their website and reading the ingredient labels ( but then I'm a bit of a research nut).

My favorite vitamin products are the unique Men's and Women's Multivitamins. These vitamin formulations leave all other brands in the dust. They contain vitamins, and essential herbs which have strong histories of helping each sex. The vitamin content is also balanced to maximum effectiveness. These vitamin formulations were thought through.

Here are a couple links to each product:

(Just Click on the Picture)
This women's formulation has everything a mature woman needs to help her lead a healthy Balanced life.

(Click on the picture to get more information)
This men's formulation helps guys with all the problems the years throw at us. And yup, I'm talking "plumbing troubles" as well.

I'm Putting a Search Box here for Puritan's Pride because I want you to have fun exploring as well. Look for vitamins or minerals or herbs that you currently use and compare the prices! Also when you are on the site, look for some of their specialty formulations. One of my favorites is the "Focus Complex" which contains just about everything to help with brain function.

(Just type in the vitamin, herb, or minerals you currently use and hit the search button.)

OK now for the rest of the confession:
If Puritan's Pride is so great, why do I occasionally buy from someone else?
Well, I have a few specific medical concerns which means that I need specific products. Also Mary and my friends are quite athletic, and they need great athletic supplements at good prices. So I have found myself buying a fair bit of these things from Vitamin World.

Vitamin World has great quality vitamins, minerals and sports formulations at the best prices I have found.

I watch for the deals and stock up on the things I need. For example, they have a magnesium at high strength that is actually easy to swallow. Not an easy thing to find. They sell a Vitamin A cream for 1 tenth the price of any pharmacy or cosmetic company.

So, here I was, telling everyone how great Puritan's Pride was and then going off to Vitamin World for other things. Now I find out that they are sister companies and that they just have a different customer focus.

Puritan's Pride is more focused on giving the best nutrition to people in middle age and up. Vitamin World is focused more on the younger athletic market. They both have outstanding quality and prices. Mystery solved. No wonder I was attracted to both of them!

So if you have specific performance product needs I have no hesitation on recommending Vitamin World. Here is a link to their site:

Vitamin World
(Just Click on the Picture to see all they offer)

Here's to your Health!