Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cancer Cure Claims from Alternative Health Sources

I've been getting a series of emails from a respectable source regarding some cancer "cures" which can be made at home.  I'm really scratching my head about all this.  I've seen family and friends suffer and die because of cancer and have a hard time believing that all oncologists are running around with their heads up their butts.  Also I have friends in the alternative health community who would love to send someone home with a simple recipe to end all disease.  These are committed people who could easily turn their career focus into maximizing health rather than battling a frustrating and financially devastating disease.

So is there a simple home made recipe for curing cancer and many other common illnesses?  I have not personally seen one at work.  But I've seen chemotherapy at work and would probably take a pass on that and try an alternative if I had to join the fight personally.  And odds are that I will have to fight cancer at some point in my life.

The reason I'm writing this blog article is because of that respected friend I mentioned.  This is a guy who questions everything.  He is an ardent researcher and sceptic.  He prides himself on having a level head and a sound mind.  And yet, this morning he sent me to this site on how to cure cancer and a bunch of other diseases using a 1 minute 1 cent a day common household remedy.  I don't know what to think.  
Click Here!  to see the website that is promoting this book.

Is this true?  I don't know.  If it isn't then I'll have to re evaluate my respect for my friend.

There are two other big factors in why I'm writing this post.  One is about the evil manipulation and influence of every official health agency and governing body.  This is a popular theme in alternative health circles.  Someone once said that the American Dollar has " In God We Trust" written on it.  But you have to realize that that slogan is written on the most precious thing Americans have.  Money does strange things to good people.

Your average health care worker is caring and quite underpaid for what they have to put up with.  The worst thing they may be accused of is to have given up independent critical thought and action.  But there are those people who's involvement in health care is and has always been as a vehicle to wealth, prestige, and power. And I've seen this in both the allopathic and alternative health fields.

I cannot deny the mounting evidence of suppression, clever bureaucratic manipulation, and legal persecution which seems to be growing stronger.  Again, I put it down to money.  But this time it may be because of idle money.

The recession has hit the world hard.  Well not really.  Ever wonder where the money went?  The big corporations are sitting on it.  ( just do a close check of the financial statements)  It makes sense.  There are no customers out there, so businesses are not going to produce products that nobody can buy.  So they are forced to sit on their cash and wait.

Meanwhile the companies are spending some money buying each other up.  M&A is all the rage ( merger and acquisition ).  Other money is being spent in positioning.  This is why I give some credence to the reports I get concerning political corruption and suppression of cheap competitive health products.  One of friend's hobbies is macro economics.

One of the most frightening aspects of all this is the public brain washing that is going on.  We are heroes if we donate or run or march in order to give money for cancer research.  But what actually is cancer research?  How many of these simple natural, home made cancer therapies have actually been studied in an aggressive manner by the agencies we entrust with our money?   I haven't heard of any.  But I must hate my mother and little defenseless kids because I'm hesitant about buying more giant whizz bang lab equipment?
Something stinks here.

Maybe I will buy that book.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Garden Shed Plans

Spring has sprung.  Time to clean up the back yard.  Why not build a garden shed that fits in to your backyard instead of sticking out like a walmart prefab ugly sore thumb?

A garden shed building plan is quite easy.  Don't be scared.
Here is a great resource for home garden shed plans that give you the best variety.
Outdoor shed plans are a real chore for some people.  But that is just because they don't sit back and think about it.
My father in law was a master mechanic, but stood there scratching his head when it came to what to do with the  garden shed.  We tipped the old one over and found a colony of termites running over our boots.  ( now, to be fair, he didn't build the old one).

A good garden shed should fit in with the decor of the yard, and also be built to withstand the environmental aspects that the yard has.
Shed Plans has a lot of these things built in.  But hey, don't be an idiot.  Read the plans, take stock of your resources, decide if this is something you can do, and consult with your municipality.  Our municipality has restrictions regarding the size of the building and the distance it can be away from the house.  I believe there is also a restriction on the services that can be built into the shed. 
It turns out that some people were building guest houses and even rental properties in their back yards and calling them garden sheds.

Every geographical place has its own challenges.  I mentioned the termite issues that surprised my father in law.  There are also things like snow loads for roofs and drainage issues in areas susceptible to heavy rain or flash flooding.  But rather than detering you from building your own shed, these factors are a good reason to steer clear of the prefab units you see sprouting up like refugee camps in the hardware store parking lots every spring.

I hope this great resource can help.  But, you know your backyard best.

Check out the backyard shed plan guide here Click Here!
But please, be smart.  wear protective gear, check with local authorities,
AND ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some supplies you might like as well:
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