Friday, June 09, 2006

Make All Your Problems Vanish Instantly

OK. Here is something too weird. And yet, it works.

Have you ever struggled with something to the point of exhaustion? Have you ever had stupid little thoughts running around in your head? Have you ever had nagging pain? Have you ever had nagging anything? Yes, most of us have.

And the more we try to put these things out of our minds, the stronger they seem to become!

Now. Here is the weirder part. I've found a guy who teaches how to get rid of just about anything that bothers you.

I say " just about" because I've come to realize something about myself......I kinda like being bugged by some things. Oh sure. I'll go on and on about how I hate them......But to be honest, I'm kind of attached to them.

But then there are THE OTHERS! There are some things which just plain make my life miserable. I've spent thousands of dollars going to doctors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, and some "pists" that only the West Coast could grow! There was a point when I just gave up. I thought that I was stuck with my problems. And that I was just wasting my money, time and energy. Then I came across this guy.

In ten minutes I got rid of more "stuff" and felt better, than the last ten years of pisting around! He teaches that most of the problems in our lives is because of a bit of short circuiting in our electrical/Chi channels. And that a short systematic tapping can fix the problem.

The idea is to get whatever problem that bugs you raging away. Then you do an accupressure sequence to correct the flow of energy. And by the end of the tapping, your problem disappears!

OK.....This is beyond weird. But I tried it and it worked! I even found myself looking around for the bad feeling I was trying to get rid of. I realized that I was kind of attached to the thing. That made me pause and think for a bit.

Since then I have tried it on a number of things. I noticed that it didn't work in a few cases. Some were when I was trying it on things I really didn't want to give up. Another was when I had an abscessed tooth. Perhaps it may have worked, but the codeine worked faster!

One of the great things about this technique is that you can learn it for free. Just click on the link I will post below, and then hunt around for the ebook download. Yes there are DVD's you can buy if you want an easy way to learn, or if you want to try advanced things; but the ebook is all I needed to get started. It is very self empowering.

EFT web site

Here's to a peaceful and happy and pain free future!


Friday, June 02, 2006

Vitamin Store and Community Support Online

There are some companies which stand out. Pro Health is one of those. I have been watching, ordering, and participating in their unique website for some years now. It is a company which was founded on passion and the spirit is still very much alive.

I have found I can count on the quality and value of their product line. They also have some of the most leading edge products, so it is the first place I look after I read a new study.

Pro health also supports a great forum. There is a huge community of users, who are not afraid to tell it like it is. I'm not sure if the management realized they built in a critical review panel when they put up the bulletin boards, but that is what they got! No snake oil product would last long here.

I could go on and on about how impressed I am with the company and its founder, but really, the only way to understand is to go there and roam around the site. Look at the catalogue of products, and then check out the different support groups. I'm not a touchy-feely guy, but if you need a cyberhug, or a prayer, or just someone to give you a good critical analysis of any health info you have, there is a community to provide it.

And another great thing about the site is that they give to charity. Hurricane Katrina victims got free products, which is admirable. But even more admirable is that they give funds on a continual basis.

Truly an organization dedicated to promoting health and wellness in every way.

Click here to find out for yourself:

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