Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to Lose Weight Fast

Here are two proven ways to lose weight fast. One is the result of a scientific experiment done in the 50's and the other is used by body builders and fitness models.

Of course, let me say that I'm not a doctor etc etc. I'm just telling you what has been done and what I've tried and will be doing. Your health is your business and you should contact a professional before trying anything.

OK here is the first method for fast weight loss. Researchers Kekwick and Pawan found that a diet of mostly fat around 1000 calories a day put people in a state of rapid fat burning ketosis. I've tried this using two tablespoons of cream cheese, egg salad, coconut oil, or bacon as meals. Yes it works but I only used it to start my body on fat loss. It wasn't fun but it worked. I eventually moved on to a better diet which was still calorie reduced but higher in protein and greens.

Speaking of protein and greens, that is the second method of losing weight fast. Here is an industry secret. Most of the fitness models you see in the commercials have done a fat stripping diet before the shoots. Also the body building competitors go through a very strict fat loss program before each competition.

The body builder fat loss program is mostly lean protein and high fiber green veggies. ( steamed chicken breasts and broccoli) Again this gets pretty boring pretty fast, but it does strip off the fat.

The success of these two methods tends to depend on your basic body type, which I've written about in other posts. But neither one is made for long term use. Eventually everyone needs a diet that is made up of a unique balance of protein, essential fats, and complex carbohydrates of some sort.

The fat stripping fast weight loss is only to be used to either jump start fat loss, or to strip off fat for a special occasion.

So how do we take the fat off and keep it off and still have fun?

I've struggled with this for years and am still exploring options. I'm a foodie and love cooking and developing recipes. There is one program out there that I'm currently investigating and will report on in the future. Until then, I'm afraid it is back to a strict fat fasting diet for a few weeks to get the body used to using all that stored up blubber.

Stay tuned.....

After exploring many of the new diet plans out there, I am impressed with only one. That is the " Every Other Day Diet". And here is why. It is the only one I have found which uses well founded and seemingly ignored science. Also it is put together is a way that makes it easy and painless for the user, but still powerful and sophisticated. Also there is free live help to get us through the first transition phase.

I'm so impressed with this weight loss plan that I have started a website devoted to exploring each of the scientific aspects. It is called . But if you visit this website, please remember that the sum is greater than the parts. The genius of this diet plan is in how it is put together. Here is a link where you can watch an official video, which explains the EOD Diet.

I'll post more articles about this in the website in the upcoming days.