Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Best Health Newsletter on the Internet

If you are looking for Real Accurate Health Information -- not that watered down lawyer approved pap you usually get, or some weird stuff some paranoid health nut makes up-- then there is only one newsletter out there. I don't know why I haven't recommended this before. Perhaps I thought everyone knew about it. Hit this link and subscribe NOW to Dr. Mercola's newletter.

I have been reading Dr Mercola and referring info from Dr Mercola and using the free programs and health advice from Dr Mercola for years. Why? Because he is not bound by any ideology.

Dr Mercola takes things and tests them in his clinic. He keeps what works and dumps the rest. And he employs people to tear products apart to see if they really have the quality they claim. Does your doc do that?

I've learned about an amazing technique to get rid of nagging problems in a flash. And I've watched a video on his site to help me learn it.

What diet is the best one and the safest one? Dr Mercola is not like Nathan Pritikin or Robert Atkins. He tested everything and looked at the successes in his clinic. ONLY THEN did he announce his unique findings in his newsletter.

Want to get a professional perspective on the latest health news releases? In Dr Mercola's newsletter, he quotes and comments on these releases, so that you can get another opinion. Sometimes he agrees with the findings and sometimes he points out those grey areas that the researchers are trying to hide. ( having been in the business, I can tell you that this is common).

OK....You've gone to the latest health fair and seen all the weird and wonderful things. Where do I get a second opinion on alternative health products and practices? In this newsletter.
Dr Mercola keeps an open mind and does the testing. He also has keen analytical skills and probes beneath the hype.

So you see why I insist that everyone subscribe to his newsletter? So please, do yourself and your future health a favor and hit this link and is free. I'm writing this because I just found out that some of my friends actually don't get this free service. I thought everyone did. I just doesn't pay to assume.

Monday, June 18, 2007

My New Website

I finally got my website up. I've been putting this off for some time. Other things seemed more important and my blogs have been a great place to put my thoughts in print.

Actually the domain name has been around for a while. I use the hosting account to house a few sub domains. But I never got around to putting a page up on the ColinNoden site. But then I realized that there was no good place to put my links and invitations to newsletters. So voila it is now up and running.

not pretty....but running

There are some interesting links there. But the main thing I want to point out are the newsletter sign ups. I love these blogs, but when there are time sensitive deals to tell you about, the blogs are a bit of a pain.

I have to post the deals and then go back and delete them, or run the risk of offering dead links.

Now that I have an account with Aweber I can create as many specific newsletters as I want.

I now have two running. One is focused mainly on Internet Resources and Software.

The other one is for time sensitive deals. I have contacts who send me some fantastic weekly deals that are only available through referrals and only for very limited periods or quantities.
The newsletter is the only way I could figure out on how to share these deals.

So if you are interested. Go to my website and scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up. This is just for your convenience and mine. All contact info will be confidential.

See you there!


Oh yes..... I meant to say how great I'm finding Aweber. The service is fantastic and the staff are there to help. They are focused on ethical techniques that will keep you on the good side of the email servers ( for instance; you cannot just import a huge list to send out. They will scrutinize the list to make sure you are not buying a block of names to send spam)

For most of us, this may not seem relevant. But for me, I want to have every contact I have to be of the highest ethical standard.

You can check them out at their website. Just click here to go to Aweber's Home Page

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Personal Gift for Dad

I read an article in the paper which stated that men have this odd habit of smiling when distressed. I can vouch for this. The study was done by a man who was on a fishing trip and snagged a lure through the middle of his hand. His friends helped him, but only after laughing themselves to tears. He wondered if this was an instinctive reaction for men, or whether his friends were just idiots.

I can see all the ladies eyes rolling right now.

The study found out that men did indeed "grin and bear it". But I will add one extra observation so as to separate the man from the sociopath. When a critical emergency hits, most men will react swiftly and in a very sober manner. We save the giggles and guffaws for the other stuff.

Which brings me to bathroom humour.

A lot of men of a certain age have trouble "with the plumbing". And those that don't are on a heightened state of alert. You ladies may here us joking about it and teasing the fellow who is heading off to the can for yet one more squirt, but bear in mind the study I mentioned.

With this in mind I'll pass on a notice I received from a Vitamin Company I deal with. Puritan's Pride is offering a great special on all Men's products. And yes there will be smiling and joking when he gets your gift basket.....but I'll bet the bottles will soon be empty!

Buy 1 Get 2 Free on Men's Vitamins and Supplements including Saw Palmetto at Puritan's Pride.

Happy Father's Day!