Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to Lose Weight Fast

Here are two proven ways to lose weight fast. One is the result of a scientific experiment done in the 50's and the other is used by body builders and fitness models.

Of course, let me say that I'm not a doctor etc etc. I'm just telling you what has been done and what I've tried and will be doing. Your health is your business and you should contact a professional before trying anything.

OK here is the first method for fast weight loss. Researchers Kekwick and Pawan found that a diet of mostly fat around 1000 calories a day put people in a state of rapid fat burning ketosis. I've tried this using two tablespoons of cream cheese, egg salad, coconut oil, or bacon as meals. Yes it works but I only used it to start my body on fat loss. It wasn't fun but it worked. I eventually moved on to a better diet which was still calorie reduced but higher in protein and greens.

Speaking of protein and greens, that is the second method of losing weight fast. Here is an industry secret. Most of the fitness models you see in the commercials have done a fat stripping diet before the shoots. Also the body building competitors go through a very strict fat loss program before each competition.

The body builder fat loss program is mostly lean protein and high fiber green veggies. ( steamed chicken breasts and broccoli) Again this gets pretty boring pretty fast, but it does strip off the fat.

The success of these two methods tends to depend on your basic body type, which I've written about in other posts. But neither one is made for long term use. Eventually everyone needs a diet that is made up of a unique balance of protein, essential fats, and complex carbohydrates of some sort.

The fat stripping fast weight loss is only to be used to either jump start fat loss, or to strip off fat for a special occasion.

So how do we take the fat off and keep it off and still have fun?

I've struggled with this for years and am still exploring options. I'm a foodie and love cooking and developing recipes. There is one program out there that I'm currently investigating and will report on in the future. Until then, I'm afraid it is back to a strict fat fasting diet for a few weeks to get the body used to using all that stored up blubber.

Stay tuned.....

After exploring many of the new diet plans out there, I am impressed with only one. That is the " Every Other Day Diet". And here is why. It is the only one I have found which uses well founded and seemingly ignored science. Also it is put together is a way that makes it easy and painless for the user, but still powerful and sophisticated. Also there is free live help to get us through the first transition phase.

I'm so impressed with this weight loss plan that I have started a website devoted to exploring each of the scientific aspects. It is called . But if you visit this website, please remember that the sum is greater than the parts. The genius of this diet plan is in how it is put together. Here is a link where you can watch an official video, which explains the EOD Diet.

I'll post more articles about this in the website in the upcoming days.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SAD help using accupressure

Seasonal Affective Disorder season is here again. Here is some effective help.

Fall is a great season, but it brings many health challenges. Flu, SAD, Tight Muscles, and aggravation of many existing health problems as the body copes with changing light, temperature, and barometric patterns. Here is a fast helpful technique.

Gary Craig has dedicated his life to helping get the word out about this acupressure technique called EFT ( click here to see it). The main problem with it is that it is so quick and effective that many people can't believe that it actually works. Weird eh? Here is something that is easy and fast, but perhaps too fast.

This technique is easy to learn. It is effective the first time you try it. And it can be refined to enhance your life on many levels.

One other problem with EFT is the name. Perhaps this is why there has been a movement to change the name to MTT. "Emotional Freedom Technique" seems to intimate that there is something psychologically wrong with us. And that the reason for our pain and illnesses is the result of some neurosis. So naturally people avoid even experimenting with it. Because if it works, then they feel that they have been labeled as weak willed neurotics!

This is NOT what EFT is about!

I feel that much of the excellent training has failed in this one point of distinction. If you read the excellent free training manual which is available at Gary's Website , you will see that emotional responses are just somatic keyholes, used to uncover imbalances in the body's meridian system. Our society teaches us to bury traumas which cause disturbances in the flow of energy. EFT merely works on uncovering these imbalances and resetting the body's natural harmonious state. It actually takes more courage to allow ourselves to feel distress than it does to suppress it. Not that there is any great traumatic gestalt activity involved in EFT. All this acupressure technique needs is an awareness of discomfort. Then the acupressure can reset that area of the body and move on to the next.

S.A.D. ( seasonal affective disorder) is a complex issue. Sure there is a connection with light deprivation and melatonin/ serotonin levels. But also there is the inability of the body to handle these changes in a peaceful way. Also, the hormonal disruption unleashes many suppressed issues which we can usually keep under control. Add an onslaught of viral & fungal activity and it is no wonder so many are barely making it through the day!

EFT sorts and handles all of these problems in less time than it takes a pain killer to start working.

This is what amazes me. I can do a simple 3 minute acupressure technique, or I can pop a pill and wait an agonizing 20 minutes for relief. And for some reason I often go pop that pill!!!

I've just learned ( once again) the power of habit. And so I'm starting a 30 day program of using EFT. I'm going to just commit to using it on whatever comes up each day ( sore muscles, stuffy nose, frustration, appetite control, tired eyes, etc etc). Remember, it works on anything, not just deep set problems. As Gary says, " try it on everything". My goal is to make this a habit. After all EFT is safe, and doesn't cost anything to use.

How about you? Click here for more information and training on EFT acupressure training.

Why go through another season of imprisonment?

Monday, September 07, 2009

This simple accupressure technique can heal many chronic health problems

There is an accupressure conference going on right now. And if you are fast, you can get many of the presentations for free. Just click here to get the conference details and the link to the presentations.

( just click on the "Join In " link to get access to the free presentations. ) If you are reading this post after the free option is over, I'd still recommend that you look at purchasing this program.

Right now, I'm listening to a presentation on how to use this MTT accupressure technique for weight loss. Yes I know, how cliche, but I have to say I'm impressed on the power of the presentation. She is not holding back on tackling every aspect of weight loss failure.

Yes that is right. You have to understand the obstacles and analyse the failures with this technique. There is no sugar coating here ( pun intended). BUT the great thing is that when you use the accupressure technique along with a clear understanding of the eating issues, there is no struggle, no fighting with will power. This technique simply resets the body's response to food.

Amazing. I'm going to listen to as many presentations as I can and will probably end up buying a set of CD's to help me and my friends in the future.

I missed a couple presentations this weekend and am curious about what they could do for me, if this weight loss technique is so powerful.

Here is the link to the accupressure presentations. Make sure that you watch the first session ( the link is in the middle of the presentation page).

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Satellite TV on your Computer

ere is a great way to save money on cable bills and get the convenience of a total entertainment package. And I owe it all to my friend's new girlfriend, who canceled the cable so he couldn't watch TV. Somehow, she doesn't mind him being on the internet, so he got this service. And the surprising part is that he is now saving a whack load of money!

Here I am, paying monthly cable fees for a fraction of the channels that he is getting. He paid one small fee and is getting over 3000 channels ( OK so he is not watching a lot of the foreign language channels.....but he gets them!)

I think that this is one of those "too good to be true, but it is true" scenarios. Older people who have been conditioned by the networks and cable companies, just can't believe that you can have all these TV channels ( and radio and music video) available for such a low one time price.

Well, all I can say is "Don't tell the government" because once they realize that all this is available, I'm sure they will be coming in for their usual hefty share of the pie. But right now, the Price, Quality, and Variety is great.

( and my friend can sneak in a few shows while " browsing" on the internet) is the link to this great internet cable TV deal.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Think Safe & Green & CHEAP

This has been my favorite product for years! But two big things have happened to make it even more of a favorite. The recent news about BPA contamination in all the water bottles and now SODA CANS, and the gas prices.

Soda Club USA

OK I can see you scratching your head. But really, isn't most of the soda or "pop" that you are drinking water? Why pay for trucks to drag water all over the place and then poison you by putting it in BPA contaminated containers? OH....and charge you ten times the price for doing it?

Why not get the ability to create a refreshing drink , made EXACTLY the way YOU like it, and pay a fraction of the cost? OH...and put it in a container that won't kill you?

hmmm... did I hear " slam dunk"?

The soda club gives you the ability to custom make soda the way you like it.
I like things a little less sweet, but my asian friends LOVE THE SUGAR. Fine. We can have the same flavor made the way we like it.

I also love the little penguin shaped seltzer bottles. To be honest, this is my favorite way to have a drink. A nice bubbly seltzer with a twist of lemon.

But I can also do the drink with just a hint of low carb flavoring.

I hope you can see just how great it is to have the power in your own hands for once. And how to be green as well.

Soda Club USA

Check this out. It is on my TOP 10 list.
( And remember...get it now...summer is on the way...)


Monday, March 16, 2009

Get the Lowest Price by using this Free Software called My Shopping Genie

I just got this great shopping deal hunter software called My Shopping Genie. I like a few things about it and also thought I'd clear up the confusion about some of the concerns I had.

First of all the shopping genie is free. I LIKE free! And I LOVED the fact that it instantly dug out the best deals. Not only the best prices on stuff I'm always buying, but from respected names. And I don't need any coupon printouts or special codes. ( Yes I'm the guy you hate at the cash register fumbling with a handful of coupons)

Coupons and discount codes were great way to shop until this baby came along. Now I don't need to be clipping my way through the weekend paper or getting burned by using some stale code I got on the internet.

Now I just type in what I want and this new Shopping Genie gets me the cheapest price. And like I said, the best part is that it is free.

But I take a close look at any free software to make sure that it doesn't have anything that will harm my computer. This passed the test. The shopping genie is very clean. It is also recommended by Stephen Pierce, who is not only respected throughout the internet, but also works with major corporations. So I feel better when he has put his reputation on the line.

It works by having the shopping companies compete for the lowest price. Sometimes Walmart wins and sometimes Amazon does ( or some other company). Actually this was an eye opener for me. Walmart has branded themselves as the company with the best prices, but now I'm realizing that there are other companies out there who are ready to compete for my business. This new "my shopping genie" makes that happen.

Try it out for yourself. Like I said, I investigated it and it came out clean as far as safety and is a great way to save those hundreds of dollars that are slipping away from you as you do your regular shopping. ( I saved over $170 last month using coupons...I could have done better with this genie thingee).

Here is the link to the Shopping Genie

Have fun with it. And try testing it out by doing a comparison test. Do a product search with the genie and then with your regular search engine. I've been surprised a few times.