Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Think Safe & Green & CHEAP

This has been my favorite product for years! But two big things have happened to make it even more of a favorite. The recent news about BPA contamination in all the water bottles and now SODA CANS, and the gas prices.

Soda Club USA

OK I can see you scratching your head. But really, isn't most of the soda or "pop" that you are drinking water? Why pay for trucks to drag water all over the place and then poison you by putting it in BPA contaminated containers? OH....and charge you ten times the price for doing it?

Why not get the ability to create a refreshing drink , made EXACTLY the way YOU like it, and pay a fraction of the cost? OH...and put it in a container that won't kill you?

hmmm... did I hear " slam dunk"?

The soda club gives you the ability to custom make soda the way you like it.
I like things a little less sweet, but my asian friends LOVE THE SUGAR. Fine. We can have the same flavor made the way we like it.

I also love the little penguin shaped seltzer bottles. To be honest, this is my favorite way to have a drink. A nice bubbly seltzer with a twist of lemon.

But I can also do the drink with just a hint of low carb flavoring.

I hope you can see just how great it is to have the power in your own hands for once. And how to be green as well.

Soda Club USA

Check this out. It is on my TOP 10 list.
( And remember...get it now...summer is on the way...)


Monday, March 16, 2009

Get the Lowest Price by using this Free Software called My Shopping Genie

I just got this great shopping deal hunter software called My Shopping Genie. I like a few things about it and also thought I'd clear up the confusion about some of the concerns I had.

First of all the shopping genie is free. I LIKE free! And I LOVED the fact that it instantly dug out the best deals. Not only the best prices on stuff I'm always buying, but from respected names. And I don't need any coupon printouts or special codes. ( Yes I'm the guy you hate at the cash register fumbling with a handful of coupons)

Coupons and discount codes were great way to shop until this baby came along. Now I don't need to be clipping my way through the weekend paper or getting burned by using some stale code I got on the internet.

Now I just type in what I want and this new Shopping Genie gets me the cheapest price. And like I said, the best part is that it is free.

But I take a close look at any free software to make sure that it doesn't have anything that will harm my computer. This passed the test. The shopping genie is very clean. It is also recommended by Stephen Pierce, who is not only respected throughout the internet, but also works with major corporations. So I feel better when he has put his reputation on the line.

It works by having the shopping companies compete for the lowest price. Sometimes Walmart wins and sometimes Amazon does ( or some other company). Actually this was an eye opener for me. Walmart has branded themselves as the company with the best prices, but now I'm realizing that there are other companies out there who are ready to compete for my business. This new "my shopping genie" makes that happen.

Try it out for yourself. Like I said, I investigated it and it came out clean as far as safety and is a great way to save those hundreds of dollars that are slipping away from you as you do your regular shopping. ( I saved over $170 last month using coupons...I could have done better with this genie thingee).

Here is the link to the Shopping Genie

Have fun with it. And try testing it out by doing a comparison test. Do a product search with the genie and then with your regular search engine. I've been surprised a few times.