Monday, December 29, 2008

The Best New Year's Resolution System

New Year's Resolutions can be easily achieved IF you follow this free proven system.
I have used Mark's system to make changes in every area of my life. It only takes 15 minutes a day. But here is the have to do it. Luckily the system is very simple. In fact, that is the name... Simpleology! But don't confuse simple and free with worthless.

Mark designed this program to help people get over the struggles and hurdles of life. Yes it is free, and yes it is powerful. With this system and the support you get from his website, you can transform your life.

I'm going to keep this post short, so that you can just click on the link I'm going to give you and take a few minutes to explore this wonderful program. Just click on this link to Simpleology, sign up on the form ( don't worry, there is no disgusting sales pitch ) and explore the lessons and videos and software you will have available to you.

Have fun!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Melamine Comtaminated Food Forces a Change in Shopping

My shopping is undergoing a revolution because of the latest food contamination crisis. My wife just sent me an email from Worksafe with another list of foods recalled because of melamine contamination. Luckily we didn't have any of the products in the house, but we had eaten a lot of them on a recent holiday!

This corruption of the food supply is one more reason why we are striving to buy organic and local foods. A few years ago buying organic was difficult and expensive. But now with Walmart and Whole Foods involved, the scale of production has brought prices down and availability up.

Now, to be honest, I'm not totally convinced on the health benefits of organic foods. Those who promote organics have an arsenal of evidence on their superiority. Organics are also supposed to be better for the environment etc etc. My first criteria is taste. I want the best tasting food. Then comes cost. Then comes nutritional content.

But now after a series of health alerts, I am adding accountability to my criteria list. I want to know who and how my food is produced, and I want assurances. This does not mean huge Gov't involvement. To be honest, I think some of the problems are because gov't has regulated the local farmer out of business. Independant organizations are doing a great job. Still when I see the USDA Organic logo, or the Oregon Tilth Organic label, I tend to feel better about the ingredients.

Hopefully, something labeled Organic or even better, Bio Organic, has been produced by people dedicated to purity and health. Perhaps this is naive, but I think it is better than some of the other standards.

Meanwhile, I buy my eggs from a local farmer. I know they are free range, because I have to dodge the chickens when I visit. My fruit and veggies are bought at local farms or at a farmer's market. Some of what I buy is grown in hot houses. They have no need for pesticides. And then the remainder of my food is bought at the supermarket, where I cruise the organic aisle first and compare prices and ingredients. This does take a bit more time and energy, but I treat it at a hobby. Getting great tasting food at the best price possible sure beats building ships in a bottle!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Afraid of Vista? Then Wait and Use These Tips

Vista is about to become history. This is good news for a lot of us who have been hearing all the horror stories from friends and experts. Microsoft is coming out with a new operating system in about a year. It is currently called Windows 7. Before that it was called Blackcomb ( a ski mountain nearby). Windows 7 is not an upgrade of Vista. It is a revolution in PC experience. This is important for you to understand because if you go buy a new computer and think that all you will have to do is pop in a new operating system, you will be looking at it with disgust in a couple of years.

Windows 7 is going to have all sorts of interactive features. It will allow you to move things around with a touch of your screen..not the keyboard! I could go on and on, but I hope you get the picture ( pun).

The problem is what to do now!

Are you running Windows XP and are quite happy with it? Well, MS has announced that they will soon be ending support for XP. Is your current computer getting moody? Are you at that stage where you are crossing your fingers every time you open an application? Is it taking a few minutes to load up and get going? Are you getting those awful stalls and hear your hard drive chugging to keep up? Wow, I could go on forever!

Well, I've got news for you. Your computer is not wearing out. In fact, there are very few parts to a computer that ever do wear out. Your main problem is that Windows loves to squirrel massive amount of data away, and then forgets where everything is.

I'm what they call a Power User. When I do research I have a multitude of programs and windows open. I'm searching audio and video files. I'm building and editing multi page websites. And I am conscientious about keeping my computer clean and lean.

But even I was getting frustrated by all those things I mention before. My poor computer was looking exhausted. And I started thinking about building a new one. But the effort and expense held me back. I'm glad that it did, because a friend recommended a book to me.

This book transformed my computer. It is almost back to its feisty self. I say "almost" because I keep throwing some heavy duty programs at it and it's P4 processor struggles to keep up ( video production, spreadsheets, HTML editing, email program,multiple tabs etc, all running at the same time)

I'm recommending this book to you because it is going to help my computer last until 2010 and still allow me to do what I want to do. I'm sure it will do the same for you.

Here is a link to Kris's Ebook. The instructions are very easy to follow, and he follows the book up with weekly resource and tune up tips.Click Here!

So hang in there and keep what you have running smooth. Then when Windows 7 comes you can upgrade and get the full experience of this groundbreaking system.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Auto Insurance: Avoiding Last Year's Mistakes

Our Auto Insurance renewal notice is sitting in my inbox.  This year I'm going to do a few things differently to avoid another year of nervous driving.   We had a conversation the other day and came up with the following points that we are going to ask our insurer:
  • What discounts do we get for having a safe driving record, and what happens to that discount if we get into an accident?
  • What if we are driving out of Province ( State) or Country and get into an accident?  Who do we contact and what resources are there to get the car fixed?
  • Our car is getting older.  If it is totalled, how much do we get for it.  Can we get replacement insurance and buy a new car?  I don't want a car payment.
  • How fast is the claim process?  We are in a remote area and need a vehicle.
  • Does the car insurance cover a rental car while we get our car fixed?
  • Are there specific drivers assigned to the auto insurance policy?  Who is not covered by the car insurance?  
I'm adding to the list as I think of things, but these seem to cover the important points so far.  Last year we didn't go through this process.  When our auto insurance came up for renewal we were very busy.  We ended up going to see a local insurance broker near the last day.  Buying car insurance was just one more thing on a long list of things to do that weekend.

The insurance broker said he had a new insurance company that would save us a few hundred dollars.  A few hundred buck insurance discount sounded great considering all the shopping we were heading out to do.  So we signed up and took off.

But once we got all the chores done and life leveled out I began to read the fine print of the policy.  The worst part was there was very little documentation.  We just had a phone number to call if we had an accident.  Not very reassuring!

So this year we took a good look at how we use our car and decided to buy an auto insurance policy according to that criteria.  What good is a great insurance discount if the insurance is no good?  

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Travel Insurance: Avoid These Mistakes!

I just spent $200 too much on insurance because I made a few simple mistakes. And I'll bet you have made them too. But we also saved almost the same amount by being smart about a few things, so I'm not feeling too bad......well OK, I'm still feeling angry about being duped by the insurance advisers.

We went on a trip to Arizona ( loved it). But it was our first time there and we had to rely on some advice from various service reps.

Here are the things we did right, to get the best deals in insurance:
  • We bought a great travel health insurance package through our bank. We made sure it was designed for our nationality ( Canadian) and would give us the best services as well as an emergency flight home, if needed. And we compared policies with other service clubs and credit cards. It turned out our bank had the best deal and guaranteed services.
  • We booked through Expedia and declined the trip cancellation and baggage loss insurance. After all, the vacation package was such a good deal we would not be sacrificing too much if disaster hit and we couldn't go. Also, we came to shop, so the bags would be pretty empty going down!
NOW here is how we got conned into paying too much insurance! THE CAR

Car rental insurance is a tricky thing. Yes yes, we all know that this is how the companies make their profit ( or so the urban folklore says). And yes we were all ready to decline everything thrown at us. But we made one single costly mistake. We didn't do our research specifically for car rental insurance in Arizona. This left us vulnerable to the service advisor.

We managed to decline everything at the front counter, but the company was not going to give up that easy. As we were being led to our car, another advisor worked on us, telling us horror stories of maniac Arizona drivers. Who knew?

Then she started on about some obscure laws in Arizona and how that the insurance on our credit card was invalid. And since we had not phoned our credit card company to ask specifically about renting cars in Arizona, we were hooked.....and signing form after costly form.

We spent a day cautiously driving around, keeping a wary eye out for these maniac Arizonians. All the time, having that sour feeling you get when you know you've been conned. Sure enough, when we got home we found out that we had double paid on the car rental insurance and, to be honest, the worst drivers we saw in Arizona were fellow tourists.....probably also looking for maniacs on the road!

Bottom line then.
  • Do your research before you even begin to book anything.
  • Call all your financial service companies and find out what they offer.
  • Check you credit card companies ( we had free insurance on one card, but not another)
  • Ask the insurance reps SPECIFIC questions. Ask about the specific area you intend to stay in.
  • Ask your travel insurance advisor about your travel health insurance using the most nightmarish scenario you can think of. The fine print on the contracts was obviously written by some lawyer gnome who has never left his cave. I have never been able to figure it out.
  • If you start feeling pressured to take action while doing your research, it could be because that person is on commission. Fair enough, they have to make a living. Just tell them that you are in the research phase and ask how to get back to them specifically, or how they can get credit for the sale if you choose their product.
Do not make my mistakes. I learned the hard way. Next trip will involve a few more phone calls, but it will save me a few hundred dollars.

.........well, OK, it will probably allow more money to go into the Arizona retail economy. Forget maniac drivers....there are some maniac shoppers looking south!

Good Luck in your travels,

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

How to Make Wine at Home

Homemade wine can be an easy fun hobby if you follow these simple rules.
  • Work in a clean sanitized setting
  • Give yourself enough time
  • Only take on wine making projects you are experienced enough for
  • Start with a simple kit and read the instructions several times over before starting
  • Follow the instructions exactly for the first few times
  • And don't skip the stirring parts!
Making wine at home is actually quite easy. But for years I was intimidated by the thought of it. And to tell you the truth, for years I couldn't stand the smell or taste of wine...... mostly because of a few of my father's experiments gone wrong. Yes, wine can explode! And yes it can look like a huge vat of rotten gunk! But only if you are trying to make wine without reading and following good instructions.

The instructions included in wine kits are a good basic start, but they can be confusing at times. I just made some wine from Italy and the instructions seemed to have been written by someone with a poor grasp of English. I had to guess my way through a few steps.

Luckily I just received a Godsend of a book which helped me. Click Here for information about this great wine making book! I wish my dad had this book in his early wine making years. It would have saved the whole family from misery.

In the early years, my dad didn't have anyone to educate him. His European friends only told him to mix fruit, water and yeast and wait. My bedroom always seemed to be next to his workshop, so I got to see and smell and hear all the stages of my dad's self education process. Talk about aversion therapy!

The good news is that Dad is now making wine which rivals most commercial products. His only problem now is that he has to hide it, to allow it to age. The rest of the family is aware of Dad's wine making talents and bottles seem to disappear.

But, Dad's new wine making skills didn't come easy. He had to hang around the local wine supply shop and pick up tips, and experiment, experiment, experiment. For a while he acted like some mad scientist!

When I would come home for a visit, I would find the basement filled with all sorts of gizmos, and tubes, and jars filled with who knows what. Dad would disappear for hours muttering something about checking gravity and mixing mud! So even though I had now learned to appreciate wine, I was still intimidated about making home made wine. It was easier to just pilfer my dad's supply.

FINALLY, last year I took the plunge and decided to try to make homemade wine. The local store had a sale on a kit of all the basic wine making supplies. It cost less than a bottle a mediocre wine ( smart marketing ). I read through the instructions and got a grape juice concentrate recommended by a guy who was hanging around in the aisle trying to avoid his wife.

To be honest, the first batch turned out OK. Just OK. And I paid for it with lots of time and anxiety. Little did I realize I was repeating my Dad's early mistakes. Dad didn't have adequate training. And neither did I. The only thing that saved me was that I was making wine from a kit, rather than gathering up some windfall fruit!

Since that first batch of wine, I've researched and experimented and can now make something I really like. But I could have saved myself a lot of anxiety, not to mention some nose holding wine drinking, by having Scott Young's handy new book. Scott runs All Wine Making website, which offers a free wine making course as well as other great resources ( check out his blog ).

I just got Scott's new book, "Delicious Wine Making Made Easy", and instantly wished all my wine making friends would buy it. It covers wine making from the very beginning stages, to fail safe advanced recipes. This means that you have one manual for a lifetime of wine making at home.

And here is the best part. "Delicious Wine Making Made Easy" is an easy read. Scott takes all the anxiety out of home wine making. He has a clear and fun style of writing. You are not going to get lost in a bunch of wine techno babble. All the answers you need are easy to find and illustrated with detailed pictures. No more frantic squinting at vague instruction sheets, or hunting through a bunch of poorly written websites.

I've printed out my copy of Scott's ebook and have it handy for when I need it. But if you don't have a laser printer you can order a useful spiral bound copy ( hint: Don't bother printing it out with an inkjet printer. The first drip of water or wine will smear everything up. ) You can get more info at Scott's website All Wine Making (just click on that link).

I should also point out a great added benefit to owning this book. I now have access to Scott and am able to suggest topics for his newsletter. This means that "Delicious Wine Making Made Easy" is like a key to all sorts of advanced knowledge which will be coming in the newsletters.

My dad needed a tutor when he started. He didn't have one, and we had to live with quite a few "science experiments". I'm lucky that I've found one in Scott.

Here is a video of Scott showing the basics on wine making at home and also how to make a fruit wine from a kit:

Well, good luck with your new hobby!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Best Website Building Software Warning

The day is approaching. I've told you before about XsitePro. It is the best, and easiest website building software I've found.

I also warned you that the new version is about to be launched and that the owner promised to let anyone who bought in the period before the launch, get the upgrade for free. This is no sales gimmick. There are people on the product forum who are not happy that some people are getting such a deal.

So, for the past few months New Customers of this great website building software have been getting to use the present software, and also are getting a free upgrade to version 2. They are saving around $100!

And Now that the new version 2 is available, Paul has agreed to extend this great deal for a little while. If you buy the new version 2 of xsitepro, you will get a $100 discount.

Remember, I had to pay $100 for the upgrade, and did it without batting an eye!

This new version of XsitePro is beyond all I could have imagined. It takes everything you could possibly want to do and makes it easy.

If you are just getting started, it will enable you to get a beautiful website up in a matter of minutes. And then, as you get more experienced, and want to change and tweak things, it is as easy as hitting a button.

I hope you understood the power of what I just wrote. I have not found any other website building software that can protect your content and allow you to instantly change all the styles.

UPDATE: I've started a group from my blog to show how easy it is to use Xcitepro. We are building a website at .
Take a look at it as it progresses, and scroll down to the bottom of the home page to join the Youtube videos of each class.

As I've said before, I'm not complaining that I spent the money to upgrade. XsitePro is fantastic software and I'll gladly pay for the upgrade. Paul has a reputation for building products which are easy to use. Once I got my hands on this new version, I was quite simply amazed.

XsitePro2 will be the industry standard in website building software. And you have the opportunity to get it at an amazingly low price.

Yeah yeah...starting to sound like an infomercial again eh? Well, it is the truth. You know me, I hunt and research and look for the best, or free, deals. This is one of those deals. If you have any desire to put up a website, then grab this now. Once the initial phase is over, I'm sure the price will skyrocket. It will be a simple matter of market demand, and Paul having to pay off his development and support costs.


This means that you only have a few days to get in at the old price by getting the $100 new launch discount. And yes I know this sounds like used car sales hooey! But it is the truth. As I've said, a lot of people are not happy about this.

I have just one thing against XsitePro's sales strategy. If you go to their website, you will see that it is marketed to " Internet Marketers". This makes it sound like only professionals who earn their income online should use this website design software.
Click Here to see a list of the features in XsitePro

In my opinion.......

XsitePro's Website Building software is perfect for anyone who wants to put any sort of website up on the Internet. The present version has a wide variety of easy to install templates and patterns. If you just want a single page up, or want to post pictures, or whatever, the option is there. If you have used any word processor ( eg. MS Word) you can make a beautiful website in minutes.

And here is the best part, this website building/design software automatically does all the hard technical stuff for you. Xsitepro2 organizes everything you put in so that everything is technically correct ( such as site maps, privacy policies, search engine robot forms). Hit one button and it runs a report and tells you of how you can improve what you have written. Hit another and bingo, it is on the Internet!

Now do you see why I'm excited about the great website building software? I've used all sorts of other ones ( remember I'm a bit slow but still curious). I gave up trying to use all of them, even Google's page maker ( and I'm a big Google fan).

With XcitePro 2, I can rattle off some thoughts while I have energy, hit a button, get everything checked, and then toss it on the Internet. You can see an example of this at one of my websites, where I put some of my research and ramblings. Oh, and here is another one I'm just starting

Here is a nice video explaining just some of this great simple website design software:

Click here to watch the video.

OK, I think I've prattled on enough. There is just one question left to answer. If XsitePro was so great, why did I upgrade to the next version? Well, because the Internet is constantly changing. I want website software that is easy to use and will make posting whatever I want simple and easy. I want to be able to put a complicated website together, with blogs and forums and video and who knows what, by just hitting a button.

I want to have everything correct for the search engines ( the Marshals in the wired wired west!). I just want to wander in to the office and type, or talk, or crank on the cam, and not have to waste precious energy on all the technicalities. The new XsitePro2 has all the new technologies covered. And I'm confidant that Paul is on the cutting edge.

So hurry now, and get this great software. It is satisfaction guaranteed! So buy it and try it.

Here is a link for a great brochure.


PS If you are wondering about a reliable and inexpensive internet host, then check out my other post on internet hosting and website building.
This is the service I use:

After a lot of research, I have found them to be the best in every area.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Natural Cure for Springtime Allergies

Spring is here ( or coming soon to you) and nature is pumping out the pollen. Alder trees are the biggest culprit where we live. They are very sneaky because they start shedding pollen before they even look awake. I've battled a combination of allergies that take me right through the summer. Trees, then grass and flowers and on to mould and the smoke of forest fires.

This year I'm trying a new approach and it seems to be working. You have read in previous posts about the EFT technique I have used for other things in my life. For some reason I never tried it on allergies. Then, the other day while I was gasping and holding myself together and praying for the antihistamine to kick in, I realized just how traumatized I was feeling. So I decided to try my "monkey dance" ( EFT). WOW! The itching in my eyes went from a 10 ( wanting to dig my eyeballs out and wash them) to a 3 ( slightly scratchy and thick with mucus).

OK, so was it the antihistamine kicking in or the EFT? The only thing to do was to let a few days go by and try it again. During my next attack I only used the EFT and did two rounds of it. ( check out the free EFT manual to understand what I mean by a round). ALL MY SYMPTOMS DISAPPEARED!

Now here is the weired part. My logical mind could not accept this. I noticed that part of me kinda missed the allergies. They have been a part of my whole life. I have not been conditioned to accept the concept of instant relief outside of taking a pill or eye-drops. All my allergic reactions were gone, but I was wandering around trying to deny it. I reread the manual and found an answer.


Near the end of the manual, Gary writes about dealing with reverse polarity for chronic, and addictive conditions. Please make sure you read the whole manual and make note of this. I have had these allergies my entire life. They are an annual rite of spring. To counter this, I had to do a very simple technique.

Am I cured? Well, I'm still sceptical and carry my pills and drops around with me. But so far, there has been no need to take them. And I spend my day right beside a nature conservation area with alders, birch,poplar, and wild grasses ( everything that I'm allergic to). The pollen index is still high for my area. But as long as I follow Gary's advice, I haven't needed any medication.

The best part of this is that I'm saving a fortune! OK, I'm cheap, but still it should bug anyone that the new effective antihistamines are close to a dollar a pill. I think the companies count on the desperation of the allergy sufferers. So every time I do EFT I think about how much money I'm saving. Pretty good incentive, eh?

NOTE: If you haven't downloaded the free manual yet, or have lost yours, here is the link to get it.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Easy ( But Secret) Ways to Change Your Life

Here is a list of the best resources I have discovered.
They will improve your health and life.
All of these are amazingly easy.

This post is the result of a recent dinner conversation with some friends. I was telling them about all the great techniques I had discovered which had been proven to help people improve their lives, and get seemingly miraculous health benefits. Later on some people asked me to send them a list of what shared. I was about to send off a bunch of emails and then decided that it would be better to put everything in a blog post. So here it is!

An important note: Not everything works on everyone. What I'm about to share with you has worked on various people for various conditions. Use your own judgment and common sense.
Explore these things with an open mind and choose the technique and ( very important) the practitioner that "resonates" best with you. My experience has shown me that the connection with the practitioner/ author/ inventor, can be as important as the technique. I'll say more about this later.

Also, there are two vital steps to change. You must be clear that you want to change ( being clear that you desire to want to change is also OK). And you must actually DO the techniques. Learning about them is not enough.

OK here we go!

By now, almost everyone knows of the benefits of meditation. Mentally it strengthens the ability to focus and accomplish more. It helps people deal with stress by exercising and training the brain. Physically, it stimulates the production of more neuropathways and produces beneficial hormones and neurotransmitters. Medititaion reduces the production of harmful and aging chemicals such as cortisol. And as a result you feel calmer, younger, refreshed, and able to handle all that modern life throws at you.

The problem with meditation is that it is difficult for most people to learn and practice. Also, the greatest benefits of meditation come only after years of practice. Most people I know have given up on meditation because they can settle down and focus their mind long enough to get any results.

The good news is that there are two techniques out there that can bring you instant results. With one technique you simply listen to a CD and the brain is automatically stimulated to produce brain wave patterns equal to those of a seasoned practitioner. Bill Harris offers this service and will send you a free demo CD to try it out. Bill is quite the guy! He is results oriented. He says that he has made enough money to live comfortably and is not out to make a fortune with his product. It works. It changes lives. And he prides himself with over delivering.
If you order his Meditation CD's you will get an avalanche of free products and support. There is no catch. That's just Bill.
You can check out this instant way to achieve meditation by clicking on this link:

The second meditation technique is for people who just can't sit still. Even sitting down and listening to a CD for a few minutes is too hard. There is a way to meditate and move at the same time. For you multi-taskers, you can even get quite the workout with some of the techniques. BUT I HAVE TO WARN have to keep an open mind about what I'm going to share.

There is an organization which is dedicated to making the benefits of meditation available to everyone. It is headed by a remarkable young man known as Nithanyanda. You can learn more about this organization on their website .

NOW HERE IS THE WARNING: Don't get turned off by the "exotic" nature of the site. Nithanyanda is one of the most practical, down to earth, people you will ever know. His mission is to help people learn practical beneficial meditation techniques.

There are a series of different techniques designed to help you at different levels. You will feel the effect immediately with each one. And because this is a charitable organization, the materials are very inexpensive. But again, you have to do them. Each technique takes about 20 minutes and you can pick the one you feel meets your current needs. There are also training centers run by volunteers throughout the world. Just be ready to go in with an open mind. There are a lot of multi cultural trappings that seem a bit foreign to westerners. But after spending a few minutes talking with any of the volunteers you will soon find yourself amazed at how happy and down to earth they are.

OK, so that was meditation made easy! Now on to other easy life changing things.......


Menopause symptoms can start as soon as around 35 years of age. For many women it is a long and frustrating war. You could be going through perimenopause and not even realize that it is your hormones which are causing your current health problems. I say "hormones" because there is more to the story than just estrogen. The body has an amazing soup of inter related and interdependant hormones.

There are all sorts of products out there which are said to help, but which ones are right for you?

The best way of finding out what you need is to get a test done. This will tell you EXACTLY what your present situation is and what you need to remedy it. Yes the test costs a couple hundred dollars, but I guarantee you will spend that and more trying out various natural remedies and prescriptions as you guess your way through a hellish existence.

A doctor friend once expressed his frustration that patients will refuse to pay for a test, but will be willing to spend hundreds of dollars in visits and products as they guess their way to the true nature of their problem.

If you are finding that your world is a bit wonky and wonder if it could be something as easy to fix as rebalancing your hormones, then an easy saliva test may be your answer. All you do is collect a small sample of saliva, first thing in the morning and ship it off to a lab. One lab my friends have used is Rockey Mountain Analytical. They even have a short well written book which explains the latest methods of dealing with Menopause. Here is a link to their book page and website.

There is also a website devoted to all aspects of hormonal health called Healthy Immunity which is run by a woman who does thorough research. You might want to check it out.

Some women sail through menopause with no problems. For others it is like being sent to prison and tortured for years. Other women are looking for ways to continue their healthy vibrant lives without fear of degenerative problems associated with the hormonal changes of age.

As for me....I'm just glad to have a happy well rested spouse back in my life.

Oh yes, I almost forgot.... If you are looking for the various supplements which can help women sustain a healthy life I recommend Puritan's Pride products. Check out my post on Vitamins to see why. But one of their products deserves special mention here. It has been a great help during this time. Puritan's Pride version of 5-HTP is now the go to product for the occaisional bout of sleeplessness. It has a combination of supporting ingredients which make it noticibly more effective. Here is a link for it: 5-HTP Capsules

If you want to compare Puritan's Pride products with any product you currently take, just type the name into this search box:

OK Now let's move on to PAIN!


You are in pain. Your muscles have locked up. You can't move. Your twinges have gone from spasm to breath taking torture. You can't lay down, sit up or sleep. You have gobbled half a bottle of pain killers and are nearly roasted to death by your heating pad. Can there be any quick relief available? YUP.

Neural Therapy. It is an amazingly simple procedure, where a doctor injects the same freezing compound your dentist uses into points which have caused your muscles to bind up. These little knots then relax and so do your muscles. Presto....

OK that was the simple version, but it gives you an idea of what is out there. You don't have to suffer and go to session after session of massage and chiropractic treatments for certain types of pain. If you find that your range of motion is getting limited, or if you are starting to stiffen up, or even if you are locked up in pain, you can get relief in no time.

You can find Neural therapy through a naturopathic physician or other alternative and sports physicians. Just call around and ask.

Now what about....


These are successfuly treated with Prolotherapy. This is a treatment which goes back for many years but is virtually unknown in North America. The simple description of prolotherapy is that it is a dilute sugar solution which is injected in a damaged area. A beneficial inflammatory response occures and the tissues rebuild in a rapid manner without scarring.

I've seen many remarkable cases of injuries healed through this technique. I live in an area where no sport is too extreme and no one is willing to wait months for injuries to heal. Athletes want to get back into action fast. And even ordinary people want to be up and moving as soon as possible. Prolotherapy cuts healing time down dramaticaly. I've also seen it work on a person who was listed as disabled because of a knee injury. I've seen a body builder doing heavy bench presses a week after dislocating his shoulder.

Chronic back pain can also be helped by using prolotherapy to rebalance the ligaments in the back. Many people with chronic back pain have one side stretched, and as a result there is no support for the spine. This leads to pressure on the nerves. Prolotherapy tightens up the stretched ligament and rebalances the spine.

WARNING: Prolotherapy is a safe and fast therapy. It is simple and has no side effects. But, it should be done by an experienced practitioner. So when you call around to find someone to help you, make sure to ask how often they perform prolotherapy and also what body areas they specialize in. It is the skill of the practitioner which makes the difference.

What! No more pain? So what is next? How about ........


What if you could do a whole body workout in 10 minutes a day and not have to worry about going to the gym or even getting into a fitness outfit? Ya Ya I know...your sceptic antenna just went up. So did mine until I met the guy behind the cellerciser. I've already posted an article about this here. You can look it up by hitting the "exercise machine" label.

The fact is that you actually can get fit in around 10 minutes a day using the cellerciser. IN fact Here is a not do more than 10 minutes for the first while. You will hurt yourself. The exercises are so easy and simple that some of you overachievers will be tempted to over do it.

This is a whole body workout....right down to the cellular level, which means that even the most athletic person will have areas of their body which are being challenged for the first time in their life. Also, the exercises are so easy that if you aren't paying attention you can quickly do more than you are supposed to at one time.

Click on that picture of David and the cellerciser to find out more.

The cellerciser is a great way for people with disabilities or other limitations. There is a balance bar available which attaches to the unit so that even blind people can get a safe whole body workout.

Why sweat and pay huge gym fees? Do you think your local gym or personal trainer is the least bit motivated to tell you about this?


All these things have been helped or eliminated almost instantly by the next technique I'm going to tell you about. It has various names depending on the teacher, but I like to call it The Monkey Dance because of a video Dr Mercola once made. When doing this exercise you tend to look like you are pretending to be the three wise monkeys.

The Monkey Dance is a very simple and effective exercise that only takes a few minutes. But if done right, those few minutes will instantly dissolve some of the most frustrating physical and mental health conditions.

Gary Craig has made it his mission in life to share this wonderful technique. He has set up a website which gives great information and support. He also has a free training manual you can download. And he also sells training videos for those who prefer that format.

Gary calls this technique EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique). I don't like the term because it seems to limit EFT to "emotional issues".

This technique works through a network of neural pathways and helps the body to reset itself. The result is a smooth running body which is naturally focused on health rather than disease. This is the reason why so many physical ailments can be remedied. And here is an important point: The success of this technique shows that many psychological problems are simply the result of a misfiring of a neural network. Once this network is reset, the problems vanish.

I know you are probably thinking that this is way too good and simple to be true.

Gary has backed up the theory with amazing practical results.

He has gone into prisons and veteran hospitals and almost instantly transformed lives.

Many people live crippled and shattered lives because of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The therapies for this are long and not really effective ( I'm sure I will hear from all sorts of therapists about this, but really, have you known anyone who has been cured of PTSD after only a couple short visits?) I guess this is why Gary has focused on this area and has called the technique EFT. But he has not ignored all the other problems out there.

You will find comprehensive support for all sorts of life challenging conditions at Gary's Website.
You will also find links to therapists who use this technique, if you feel you need the help of someone more experienced in the finer details.

There is a great uTube video on the EFT site. It will amaze and challenge you. Make sure to stop by and watch it.

Here is the link to Gary's EFT site. Try the technique on everything you can think of. Why not? It is free and easy!

Remember, this article is about secret solutions to common problems. Don't let your ignorance get in the way of making a life changing discovery. I say this in the purest meaning. Even I shook my head over this one. But there is something to it.

Well there you are. Quite the list eh?

I'm going to ask you for one favor. Please tell others about these great healing techniques.
The easiest way is for you to send your friends a link to this post.
Just copy the address shown in your address bar and paste it in an email to your friends.


Also: Use the search box below to investigate any of the techniques you need more depth information on. I'll soon have a site up and running which will give more thorough information but that will take a while I'm afraid.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Safe Ecards-- Spyware and Malware Free

I have been worried about the safety of Ecards and have given up using them until now. I found a company that guarantees that their cards are spy ware free. Whenever something is free I get nervous. Either the product is lousy or is filled with malware ( trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits, etc). So how can these Ecards be free? I began investigating how the company makes money.

They do it in a number of ways, which is smart.  All their eggs are not in one basket.  They have banner ads on their site which brings in revenue if you click on them.  And they have some different services which they hope you will subscribe to and use.  This makes sense.  Spread the revenue streams and make things attractive to the different user groups.

So that's it! No evil coding to worry about.

Check out the Wide Selection of Free Ecards from American Greetings .

American Greetings has the printed greeting card history and they teamed up with Blue Mountain which is one of the pioneers in online email greeting cards.  They have a reputation to uphold.  Not only are the ecards safe from any viruses, but they are also made so that they will get through the various spam filters that people have on their computers.

  Now you can use this combined company's Ecards and:
  • Save Hundreds of dollars in cards
  • Save in increasing postage fees
  • Save the environment ( well OK... at least do your part... I doubt you use a forest load)
  • Get cards to people on time...even at the last minute

That is a great alternative to all the post and paper problems....
Stay green, save money and time.

Be sure to check out the Blue Mountain side of this great partnership as well for different selections and themes.

There is the free trial option and there are some paid options also available.  It is a good idea to try out the free trial and see if you like the cards.  The reason I like the ecards from American Greetings/ Blue Mountain is the professional quality.  If you look at other sites you will see that things are very amateur and cheap looking.  And really, is that what you want to send to someone?  You might as well just jot off a quick email.

With Ecards, you are hoping to convey a mood and emotion that an email, or emoticon just can't give.  With the professional photos and messages available at this website, you achieve that.  Also you can have appropriate music included to give even more than a store bought card.  Ecards have gone from being a cheap novelty, to an expertly crafted experience.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Easy Website Building Software

I've been warning all who are interested in building elegant professional websites to get this software before the price goes up. This is the easiest website building software I have ever seen. It also has features which automatically make the website attractive to search engines. It automates all the frustrating compiling, so that you just have to hit a button and the website is perfectly designed.

You know is almost impossible to tell you all the details loaded into this website building software. In fact, they have designed a video series to give you an overview. Just go to their website and watch it. Here is a link to the Video

IMPORTANT NEWS: I just got another email from the owner of the software telling me that the next version is about to be released to the public. There is a great deal offered for the first little while. The website is already getting flooded with orders from version 1 users who have been given a preview of the new features in Version 2. And now new buyers will be able to get XsitePro2 for the same price as version 1. This is a savings of $100.

( And by the way, this is not one of those phony $97 reduced to $47 gimmicks.... I'm going to have to shell out $100 to upgrade. And I'll gladly do it because this new version is absolutely amazing, and is well worth the price of my sanity.)

And since I'm on my soapbox now, let me add another comment about this website building software. It is "white hat " technology. This means that if you use this software program to build your websites you will not have to worry about Google, or other search engines shutting you down because of some dishonest techniques built in to the program. BE WARNED, a lot of easy website building programs out there use unethical techniques. Oh sure, they will deny it till the cows come home, but then when you get blacklisted all you will hear from then is a little " oops".

Black hat and grey hat website building techniques are dangerous. There are a lot of website building programs out there that promise you instant websites built with ease. This may be true in the short run, but don't plan on making anything you can be proud of with them.

The website building program I'm recommending to you
is different. It is a professional quality software program, backed by an ethical company.

Do yourself a huge favor. If you are planning to put up any sort of website, get your copy of XsitePro now and save yourself a lot of grief and frustration. I checked the site last week and even noticed that it has a full satisfaction guarantee! That means you can try it out and see just how great it works without worrying about whether you wasted your money. ( And you can use that time to use its features to make it pay for itself!)
Here is the link to the purchase page.

Now if you are looking for content to fill any website you are planning to build then I would recommend another ethical company run by Mike Liebner called Article Underground

This is a service where writers create articles on specific popular subjects which are written in a way to catch the eye of search engines.

They make sure to avoid using phrases which will get you banned or demoted, and they give you unique content so that you will not get penalized for having " duplicate content" on your site. Mike's service is a great way to get full content fast for your websites.

WARNING.....there are other ways and services out there for populating your website, but they scalp info from other online sources.

If you want an easy way to make professional quality websites, then check out these resources. And yes, you will have to pay a small sum for the Xsite software, but believe me, it will save you endless hours of frustration trying to knit together a website. And both Xsite and Mike's Article service will protect your reputation online.

P.S. I spent a solid week researching website hosting companies. And I spent another month attending seminars and online forums looking for complaints. Hostgator ended up being my choice. I have been more than happy with them. If you need a hosting service, then be sure to check them out: