Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SAD help using accupressure

Seasonal Affective Disorder season is here again. Here is some effective help.

Fall is a great season, but it brings many health challenges. Flu, SAD, Tight Muscles, and aggravation of many existing health problems as the body copes with changing light, temperature, and barometric patterns. Here is a fast helpful technique.

Gary Craig has dedicated his life to helping get the word out about this acupressure technique called EFT ( click here to see it). The main problem with it is that it is so quick and effective that many people can't believe that it actually works. Weird eh? Here is something that is easy and fast, but perhaps too fast.

This technique is easy to learn. It is effective the first time you try it. And it can be refined to enhance your life on many levels.

One other problem with EFT is the name. Perhaps this is why there has been a movement to change the name to MTT. "Emotional Freedom Technique" seems to intimate that there is something psychologically wrong with us. And that the reason for our pain and illnesses is the result of some neurosis. So naturally people avoid even experimenting with it. Because if it works, then they feel that they have been labeled as weak willed neurotics!

This is NOT what EFT is about!

I feel that much of the excellent training has failed in this one point of distinction. If you read the excellent free training manual which is available at Gary's Website , you will see that emotional responses are just somatic keyholes, used to uncover imbalances in the body's meridian system. Our society teaches us to bury traumas which cause disturbances in the flow of energy. EFT merely works on uncovering these imbalances and resetting the body's natural harmonious state. It actually takes more courage to allow ourselves to feel distress than it does to suppress it. Not that there is any great traumatic gestalt activity involved in EFT. All this acupressure technique needs is an awareness of discomfort. Then the acupressure can reset that area of the body and move on to the next.

S.A.D. ( seasonal affective disorder) is a complex issue. Sure there is a connection with light deprivation and melatonin/ serotonin levels. But also there is the inability of the body to handle these changes in a peaceful way. Also, the hormonal disruption unleashes many suppressed issues which we can usually keep under control. Add an onslaught of viral & fungal activity and it is no wonder so many are barely making it through the day!

EFT sorts and handles all of these problems in less time than it takes a pain killer to start working.

This is what amazes me. I can do a simple 3 minute acupressure technique, or I can pop a pill and wait an agonizing 20 minutes for relief. And for some reason I often go pop that pill!!!

I've just learned ( once again) the power of habit. And so I'm starting a 30 day program of using EFT. I'm going to just commit to using it on whatever comes up each day ( sore muscles, stuffy nose, frustration, appetite control, tired eyes, etc etc). Remember, it works on anything, not just deep set problems. As Gary says, " try it on everything". My goal is to make this a habit. After all EFT is safe, and doesn't cost anything to use.

How about you? Click here for more information and training on EFT acupressure training.

Why go through another season of imprisonment?