Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hate Breakfast? Here is the best healthy breakfast for you.

Here is a super healthy, tasty, quick and easy breakfast idea.  In less than 5 minutes you can prepare and eat this proven disease fighting recipe.  Just think, you can get the energy you need for the next few hours, not feel bloated and nauseous, and be prepared to fight off lurking cancer and a disease filled workplace.

Just 4 simple ingredients, thrown in a blender can do all this.

People who hate breakfast are actually nauseous at the thought of eating early in the morning.  So they need something that will be easy to swallow and yet highly nutritious.  Other people are so rushed and in a high adrenaline state that their digestive system has shut down.  They need something that is filling and soothing to resupply their over energized body when it finally calms down.

Both kinds of breakfast haters can have a healthy satisfying start to the day by slightly changing the ratio  of the 4 vital ingredients I'm going to tell you about. 

The first vital ingredient is protein.  But not just any protein.  Undenatured whey protein is a very light bodied, highly bioactive nutrient.  Simply put, it gets into the body and supplies vital nutrients quickly.  It doesn't hang around in the intestines like casein or other vegetable or animal proteins.  It also has the added benefit of boosting the immune system in a positive way, unlike other proteins which seem to stimulate allergies.  There have been some amazing medical studies done with undenatured protein, showing its effectiveness in fighting cancer as well as increasing a sense of wellness.  So if you are going to choose to use a protein, why not go with the best?

My favorite undenatured whey protein is one sold by ProHealth.  I trust the company for the quality, and the price is better than other products sold through health food stores or multi level sales companies.
Just click on the picture below to get some more information on the undenatured whey protein I use:

ImmunPlexâ„¢ Vanilla  (306grams,  Powder)

The second vital ingredient is frozen blueberries.  You have probably heard about the health benefits of blueberries.  Aside from the powerful antioxidant properties, they also are flavorful, and low in the glycemic index ( won't give you a sugar crash).  Just a small handful ( 1/4 cup) will give you great flavor and sustained energy.  I have found that the wild organic blueberries have the most flavor, but also freeze several bags of commercial ones when blueberry season hits.

Cilantro is the third vital ingredient.  Cilantro?  Yes.  This herb is often used in Mexican, Spanish and Asian cooking.  It can be found fresh is most grocery stores.  What you might not know, is that cilantro has a history as a great detoxifier.   It is know to help the body get rid of heavy metals which can damage nerves and kidneys.  It also has a great supply of phytonutrients and a refreshing taste.  A small, loosely packed handful of leaves and stems brighten up the morning.

Note: When you buy fresh cilantro, make sure to clean it properly.  Soak the bunch in a large container of water to let any sand settle to the bottom.  Then rinse and spin or towel dry.  Place the bunch in a clean plastic bag with a couple sheets of paper towel.  This will keep the bunch fresh and ready for quick use.
Also, there are some people who cannot tolerate the taste of cilantro.  Don't force yourself to eat it if you are one of these people.  Your body is telling you that it is not right for you.  Also you may want to see a good naturopathic physician to see if you are suffering from heavy metal toxicity.  It could be that the cilantro is pulling too many toxins out, too quickly. (medical disclaimer: I'm not a doc and this is not medical advice, just observations from my own life)

The last vital ingredient is the one that customizes this healthy instant breakfast.  Fresh ground  flax seed has amazing health properties.  Many people know about the Omega 36 &9 oil in flax seed, but there are also the lignans. Lignans are anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti bacterial, and anti-cancer substances. Also you have toxin fighting soluable fiber which will carry away the heavy metals the cilantro has released through the bile.

Just click on that image from Amazon to see more about this product as well as other brands and prices.


You can take these things and toss then in a blender, add the equivalent amount of ice water ( or more if you want a thinner mix), and have an amazingly health breakfast in just a few minutes.  Dump it into a drink container and you can sip on it while heading to work, or whatever it is that begins your day.  I have mine at my computer while checking emails.

Here are a few more special instructions on making this great healthy breakfast:
  • You have to grind the flax seed ( or buy pre ground)  If you are nausous in the morning and hate breakfast, then just use a little bit ( 1 tsp).  The flax seed is a thickener.  See how much your stomach likes and let that be your guide.  If you are a mad rush adrenaline junkie in the morning then you might want to add more.  It will soothe your system by stimulating certain nerve ending in your stomach.  And it will help calm down the acids you are probably pumping out and swilling down in your coffee.
  • Add the protein after combining the first three ingredients.  Undenatured whey is fairly delicate ( which is why I recommend Prohealth's manufacturing supervision).  It doesn't like too much heat or processing.  So just blend it in at the end.
  • If you find your shake too warm, consider adding some more ice to the water when you are blending the first three ingredients.
(medical disclaimer:  I'm not a doctor.  This has evolved from my own research and experience.  This is not intended as medical advice.  Use your own common sense.  Check with your own health professional if you have any questions or concerns regarding your own nutritional and health plan.  OK, I hope that is enough legalese. )

Monday, March 15, 2010

Moss Control and Cleanup for Lawns

Spring Yard cleanup is just about here.  One of the more frustrating problems of living in the pacific northwest is moss invasion.

The way to prevent moss from building up too much in the grass is to keep it well drained and aerated.  There are inexpensive aerating tools which are just a tube of metal that pulls plugs out of the grass as you stomp on it.  This is what I use.  It has the advantage of letting me wiggle it a bit in areas that need a bit more loosening up.  But if you have a large yard, you will soon get worn out.

For a large yard, the better bet is to go to the rental store and get a gas driven aerator which is about the size of a lawn mower.  If you coordinate this with a few neighbors, you can split the cost.  It is a fast effective way to aerate and you can get the whole neighborhood done in an afternoon.

After aerating, apply a topping of sand and try to get as much as possible in those holes.

If your yard is heavily infested with moss and other weeds, then a good power raking is called for.  And yes I know this is controversial, but ask any reputable professional gardner and they will tell you that a good power raking is the best solution for a host of lawn problems.  Yes it looks ugly and the neighborhood will think you have gone mad, but this will give new grass seed a great chance to establish and crowd out future invasions.

Apply a good moss killer and also sweeten up your soil.  I like to use dolopril as a ph sweetener because it is easy to handle and apply.  I also like to use a liquid moss killer for the first application.  There are combination fertilizers and moss killers on the market.  I use these after I have hit the moss hard with a pure killer.

Now it is time to top seed.  If you have a moss problem, then chances are that you are in a shady area.  Make sure to buy grass seed appropriate for your specific area.  I actually like to apply different seed mixes for different micro climates in the yard.  Yes there will be a slight variation in green color, but at least I will have grass!  Check you seed blend.  Buy grass seed that has a higher percentage of perennial and creeping varieties.  You won't get the instant satisfaction of the quick sprouting annual seeds, but you will get better resistance to moss and weed invasion during the wet shoulder months.

Apply fertilizer appropriate to the stage of the grass growth.  You want to get strong roots and thick foliage.  I've found that varying the fertilizer works better than just laying down one type for the season.  Even if I use a slow release product on an established lawn, I will still top it up with the occasional boost of liquid fertilizer in areas that show need.  For example, my trees such a lot of nutrient away from the grass.

So to sum up:  Aerate, sand, kill, rake, sweeten, fertilize, seed, and pay attention to micro areas.

The first four points are vital, and unfortunately for us in a rain forest climate, a yearly chore.

Good luck with you lawn this year.