Monday, September 07, 2009

This simple accupressure technique can heal many chronic health problems

There is an accupressure conference going on right now. And if you are fast, you can get many of the presentations for free. Just click here to get the conference details and the link to the presentations.

( just click on the "Join In " link to get access to the free presentations. ) If you are reading this post after the free option is over, I'd still recommend that you look at purchasing this program.

Right now, I'm listening to a presentation on how to use this MTT accupressure technique for weight loss. Yes I know, how cliche, but I have to say I'm impressed on the power of the presentation. She is not holding back on tackling every aspect of weight loss failure.

Yes that is right. You have to understand the obstacles and analyse the failures with this technique. There is no sugar coating here ( pun intended). BUT the great thing is that when you use the accupressure technique along with a clear understanding of the eating issues, there is no struggle, no fighting with will power. This technique simply resets the body's response to food.

Amazing. I'm going to listen to as many presentations as I can and will probably end up buying a set of CD's to help me and my friends in the future.

I missed a couple presentations this weekend and am curious about what they could do for me, if this weight loss technique is so powerful.

Here is the link to the accupressure presentations. Make sure that you watch the first session ( the link is in the middle of the presentation page).