Thursday, April 03, 2008

Natural Cure for Springtime Allergies

Spring is here ( or coming soon to you) and nature is pumping out the pollen. Alder trees are the biggest culprit where we live. They are very sneaky because they start shedding pollen before they even look awake. I've battled a combination of allergies that take me right through the summer. Trees, then grass and flowers and on to mould and the smoke of forest fires.

This year I'm trying a new approach and it seems to be working. You have read in previous posts about the EFT technique I have used for other things in my life. For some reason I never tried it on allergies. Then, the other day while I was gasping and holding myself together and praying for the antihistamine to kick in, I realized just how traumatized I was feeling. So I decided to try my "monkey dance" ( EFT). WOW! The itching in my eyes went from a 10 ( wanting to dig my eyeballs out and wash them) to a 3 ( slightly scratchy and thick with mucus).

OK, so was it the antihistamine kicking in or the EFT? The only thing to do was to let a few days go by and try it again. During my next attack I only used the EFT and did two rounds of it. ( check out the free EFT manual to understand what I mean by a round). ALL MY SYMPTOMS DISAPPEARED!

Now here is the weired part. My logical mind could not accept this. I noticed that part of me kinda missed the allergies. They have been a part of my whole life. I have not been conditioned to accept the concept of instant relief outside of taking a pill or eye-drops. All my allergic reactions were gone, but I was wandering around trying to deny it. I reread the manual and found an answer.


Near the end of the manual, Gary writes about dealing with reverse polarity for chronic, and addictive conditions. Please make sure you read the whole manual and make note of this. I have had these allergies my entire life. They are an annual rite of spring. To counter this, I had to do a very simple technique.

Am I cured? Well, I'm still sceptical and carry my pills and drops around with me. But so far, there has been no need to take them. And I spend my day right beside a nature conservation area with alders, birch,poplar, and wild grasses ( everything that I'm allergic to). The pollen index is still high for my area. But as long as I follow Gary's advice, I haven't needed any medication.

The best part of this is that I'm saving a fortune! OK, I'm cheap, but still it should bug anyone that the new effective antihistamines are close to a dollar a pill. I think the companies count on the desperation of the allergy sufferers. So every time I do EFT I think about how much money I'm saving. Pretty good incentive, eh?

NOTE: If you haven't downloaded the free manual yet, or have lost yours, here is the link to get it.