Monday, July 31, 2006

New Ways to Keep in Touch

"Life is One Big Learning Curve".......That is my favorite saying. There is always something new and exciting out there to learn. And the old things are constantly changing.

RSS Feeds are evolving and becoming easier ( I hope). Only a few months ago I was totally confused. There were always a bunch of little boxes littered around my favorte websites and blogs "atom" "xml" "yahoo" name it! I didn't want choice, I just wanted to click on something and have it update itself on my computer. And now it seems to have happened.

One Little Orange Square seems to have replaced them all ( look over at my side bar and up at the address bar's right corner) . Finally, once choice and one click and it is done.

Now I'm trying this new audio feature....we'll see if it is a simple as they make out.

Always a new adventure out there, eh?


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