Monday, February 19, 2007

More Winter Survival Tips

I have had a large response to my post on Winter survival tips. Right now I am living in a west coast rain forest, and forgot what the rest of the continent is going through. Sorry. I mean it. I have lived in the arctic and in the most inhospitable regions of the north. I know what you are going through.

Here are some things you have to remember to survive:

  • Circulation and skin exposure are everything. When you are out in the cold, make sure to constantly touch your exposed skin. As soon as you feel any numbness, make sure you cover up that area.
  • Keep the blood flowing in your feet and hands. Clench and relax your hands continuously. Curl and relax your toes. Wear loose boots. Keep moving.
  • Yup, the old "survive naked under the cariboo skin" routine is true. But it is hard to find a good cariboo skin these days. The cariboo hairs have little air pockets which give excellent insulation. But if you are stranded, it is still good to share body warmth. So peel off, and put all your insulated clothing around you.
  • Snow caves are good, but remember two things: make sure there is ventilation and make sure you create an inner ice wall. This means that you will ahve to have some support at first, unless you have the right kind of snow, and have excellent igloo building techniques. The easy way is to have a small dome tent in your emergency gear. ( you can get a hiker's version that is small and light). Use this as your support and then heap snow over it. Keep an opening for fresh air. Light a small flame and the ice will build up. Don't let things get too hot or you will be swimming! Snuggle in and enjoy the winter!

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