Thursday, January 17, 2008

Safe Ecards-- Spyware and Malware Free

I have been worried about the safety of Ecards and have given up using them until now. I found a company that guarantees that their cards are spy ware free. Whenever something is free I get nervous. Either the product is lousy or is filled with malware ( trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits, etc). So how can these Ecards be free? I began investigating how the company makes money.

They do it in a number of ways, which is smart.  All their eggs are not in one basket.  They have banner ads on their site which brings in revenue if you click on them.  And they have some different services which they hope you will subscribe to and use.  This makes sense.  Spread the revenue streams and make things attractive to the different user groups.

So that's it! No evil coding to worry about.

Check out the Wide Selection of Free Ecards from American Greetings .

American Greetings has the printed greeting card history and they teamed up with Blue Mountain which is one of the pioneers in online email greeting cards.  They have a reputation to uphold.  Not only are the ecards safe from any viruses, but they are also made so that they will get through the various spam filters that people have on their computers.

  Now you can use this combined company's Ecards and:
  • Save Hundreds of dollars in cards
  • Save in increasing postage fees
  • Save the environment ( well OK... at least do your part... I doubt you use a forest load)
  • Get cards to people on time...even at the last minute

That is a great alternative to all the post and paper problems....
Stay green, save money and time.

Be sure to check out the Blue Mountain side of this great partnership as well for different selections and themes.

There is the free trial option and there are some paid options also available.  It is a good idea to try out the free trial and see if you like the cards.  The reason I like the ecards from American Greetings/ Blue Mountain is the professional quality.  If you look at other sites you will see that things are very amateur and cheap looking.  And really, is that what you want to send to someone?  You might as well just jot off a quick email.

With Ecards, you are hoping to convey a mood and emotion that an email, or emoticon just can't give.  With the professional photos and messages available at this website, you achieve that.  Also you can have appropriate music included to give even more than a store bought card.  Ecards have gone from being a cheap novelty, to an expertly crafted experience.

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