Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Best Website Building Software Warning

The day is approaching. I've told you before about XsitePro. It is the best, and easiest website building software I've found.

I also warned you that the new version is about to be launched and that the owner promised to let anyone who bought in the period before the launch, get the upgrade for free. This is no sales gimmick. There are people on the product forum who are not happy that some people are getting such a deal.

So, for the past few months New Customers of this great website building software have been getting to use the present software, and also are getting a free upgrade to version 2. They are saving around $100!

And Now that the new version 2 is available, Paul has agreed to extend this great deal for a little while. If you buy the new version 2 of xsitepro, you will get a $100 discount.

Remember, I had to pay $100 for the upgrade, and did it without batting an eye!

This new version of XsitePro is beyond all I could have imagined. It takes everything you could possibly want to do and makes it easy.

If you are just getting started, it will enable you to get a beautiful website up in a matter of minutes. And then, as you get more experienced, and want to change and tweak things, it is as easy as hitting a button.

I hope you understood the power of what I just wrote. I have not found any other website building software that can protect your content and allow you to instantly change all the styles.

UPDATE: I've started a group from my blog to show how easy it is to use Xcitepro. We are building a website at .
Take a look at it as it progresses, and scroll down to the bottom of the home page to join the Youtube videos of each class.

As I've said before, I'm not complaining that I spent the money to upgrade. XsitePro is fantastic software and I'll gladly pay for the upgrade. Paul has a reputation for building products which are easy to use. Once I got my hands on this new version, I was quite simply amazed.

XsitePro2 will be the industry standard in website building software. And you have the opportunity to get it at an amazingly low price.

Yeah yeah...starting to sound like an infomercial again eh? Well, it is the truth. You know me, I hunt and research and look for the best, or free, deals. This is one of those deals. If you have any desire to put up a website, then grab this now. Once the initial phase is over, I'm sure the price will skyrocket. It will be a simple matter of market demand, and Paul having to pay off his development and support costs.


This means that you only have a few days to get in at the old price by getting the $100 new launch discount. And yes I know this sounds like used car sales hooey! But it is the truth. As I've said, a lot of people are not happy about this.

I have just one thing against XsitePro's sales strategy. If you go to their website, you will see that it is marketed to " Internet Marketers". This makes it sound like only professionals who earn their income online should use this website design software.
Click Here to see a list of the features in XsitePro

In my opinion.......

XsitePro's Website Building software is perfect for anyone who wants to put any sort of website up on the Internet. The present version has a wide variety of easy to install templates and patterns. If you just want a single page up, or want to post pictures, or whatever, the option is there. If you have used any word processor ( eg. MS Word) you can make a beautiful website in minutes.

And here is the best part, this website building/design software automatically does all the hard technical stuff for you. Xsitepro2 organizes everything you put in so that everything is technically correct ( such as site maps, privacy policies, search engine robot forms). Hit one button and it runs a report and tells you of how you can improve what you have written. Hit another and bingo, it is on the Internet!

Now do you see why I'm excited about the great website building software? I've used all sorts of other ones ( remember I'm a bit slow but still curious). I gave up trying to use all of them, even Google's page maker ( and I'm a big Google fan).

With XcitePro 2, I can rattle off some thoughts while I have energy, hit a button, get everything checked, and then toss it on the Internet. You can see an example of this at one of my websites, where I put some of my research and ramblings. Oh, and here is another one I'm just starting

Here is a nice video explaining just some of this great simple website design software:

Click here to watch the video.

OK, I think I've prattled on enough. There is just one question left to answer. If XsitePro was so great, why did I upgrade to the next version? Well, because the Internet is constantly changing. I want website software that is easy to use and will make posting whatever I want simple and easy. I want to be able to put a complicated website together, with blogs and forums and video and who knows what, by just hitting a button.

I want to have everything correct for the search engines ( the Marshals in the wired wired west!). I just want to wander in to the office and type, or talk, or crank on the cam, and not have to waste precious energy on all the technicalities. The new XsitePro2 has all the new technologies covered. And I'm confidant that Paul is on the cutting edge.

So hurry now, and get this great software. It is satisfaction guaranteed! So buy it and try it.

Here is a link for a great brochure.


PS If you are wondering about a reliable and inexpensive internet host, then check out my other post on internet hosting and website building.
This is the service I use:

After a lot of research, I have found them to be the best in every area.

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