Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back to School, Back to Work? Make Thinking Easier

Here is a tip I meant to pass on to a friend who was telling me about her child's difficulty in school.

Try some of the techniques described in Tony Buzan's book:

This book introduces a number of learning methods that schools never seem to teach......... As a matter of fact, I'm not sure if schools really DO teach students to LEARN. I know that most of my experience in school was just getting various subjects tossed at me in a variety of manners, depending on the personality of the teacher.

I remember my first attempt at studying. I was in a contest to see who could get the highest grade and I had a fearsome opponent! I decided that I had to "study". So I brought all my books home and holed up in my bedroom.......and became overwhelmed at the massive amount of information in front of me. ( I came in second)

The techniques that Tony Buzan teaches could have transformed my entire scholastic career. Unfortunately I only learned them in the final year of university. Oh well.

Now the good news is that once I learned the techniques, I had great skills to help me in the rest of my life. Public speaking became easy. Studying became fun. Thinking opened up my mind in whole new ways.

So whether you have a child heading off to school, or are heading off yourself, or are just a student of life, the skills that Tony Buzan introduces can help smooth the way.

Hope this tip helps,


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